The Federation supervises the organization of equestrian and racing activities in the UAE to build a large base for this sport and to help the current generation of riders to retain the forefathers' equestrianism and keep pace with the developments of the sport in modern times.

The Federation has a significant and effective role in the supervision of all races in the UAE. It also plays an important role in the organization and sponsorship of international races to support the presence of Pure-bred Arabian horses at international levels.

In further pursuance of promoting Pure-bred Arabian horses, the Federation organises endurance rides which are highly popular and have received much appreciation from the international equestrian fraternity.

The Federation looks forward to develop show jumping by organizing local and international championships and also by training the UAE riders in overseas camps and encourage them to participate in international competitions.

The Federation pays utmost care and attention to veterinary services and maintains the reputation of the UAE as a disease and epidemic-free equine state.

The Federation also enacts rules and regulations in line with international standards which regulate equestrian and racing sport in the UAE.

The Federation includes six departments - Administration, Racing, Endurance, Show Jumping, Veterinary and Media and Publicity. The departments are managed and run by highly-qualified and experienced technical, administrative and media personnel.